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Country: UK
City: Sandringham
Industry: Agriculture, Horticulture, Gardening

Sandringham Flower Show

Sandringham Flower Show – A Brief Introduction

Older than a century, Sandringham Flower Show shows off the best of regional nurseries and show garden designers in a thrilling one-day event. This summer show arrives in late July at the vast, green show grounds right outside Sandringham House in Norfolk. You’re in a perfect position to gain country-wide recognition as an exhibitor, because each edition manages to bring forth well above 20,000 visitors from all over England. Considering there are only 200 trade stands available that’s more than enough to make a quick return on your investments for the flower show.

An Industry Profile

As with every flower show, the main focal point falls on flowers and gardens with nurseries at the forefront. Alongside flowers and greenery, exhibitors also cover home-grown fruits and vegetables mostly entered into competitions. Sandringham Flower Show also supports local artisans as there are stands dedicated to local goods and crafts. Visitors who attend range from garden designers and florists to amateur gardeners and just holiday makers who want a fun relaxed day out. Garden competitions are not just available for professionals, but amateurs can also enter the competitions for the King George Vl Challenge Cup and the Queen Mother Challenge Cup.

Go Fair Takes You There

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