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Upcoming Dates

04.10.2022 - 07.10.2022
Country: Sweden
City: Göteborg
Industry: Food Processing, Packaging Industry


The future of packaging will be decided at the 2022 edition of ScanPack, which is scheduled for 4 to 7 October at the Svenska Mässan - The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre. Organisers asserted that visitor health and safety is their top priority. Recommendations from health authorities will be implemented.

A Brief Introduction

If you’re seeking to establish a presence in the packaging world or keep yourself informed of what new trends and practices are adopted, head on to ScanPack . This international exhibition has always pushed the envelope and as a result, attracts over 17,000 trade visitors. Over 500 exhibitors are set to display and demonstrate their latest in Gothenburg, Sweden. The event creates a moment within the industry as editions arrive only once every year. ScanPack boasts unparalleled opportunities to network and introduce your services and products to thousands of clients, both old and new. At the same time, the trade fair sees a strong intersection of industries including the chemical, food and beverage, plastic, marketing and advertising.

An Industry Profile

ScanPack excels where other events fail because it’s committed to following developments at all links in the production chain from materials and design to equipment and final packaging. The exhibition positions itself as the driver of innovation for bottling equipment, dosing equipment, labellers, marking equipment, packaging machinery and printing machines. Another reason not to miss out on the exhibition when it comes around is the audience you’ll have access to. Designers, buyers, production managers, departmental managers, designers, salesmen, marketing managers and IT specialists are all present to network, collaborate and search for lucrative opportunities.

Go Fair Takes You There

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