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18.05.2022 - 20.05.2022
Country: Germany
City: Frankfurt am Main
Industry: Health Professionals, Medical Equipment and Technologies


SightCity offers inclusivity and accessibility as a specialized fair with a strong focus on AIDS, but designed for the blind and those with low vision. Organizers confirm more than 130 international exhibitors in Frankfurt, Germany, for a three-day. This year, attendance is expected to exceed 4000 visitors, so be sure you make your online booking before anyone else with Go Fair ltd in charge of your accommodation. 

Finding hotels for SightCity takes no time when you work with Go Fair ltd. We have worked for business travelers for years and have developed working relationships with hotels in Frankfurt, which span every price category and location in the city. For those who wish for more convenience, we can find you the perfect accommodation in Sheraton Airport Frankfurt, but we can easily check you in a room in any part of the city. You get accommodation that fits your travel budget and also provides you sufficient access to public transport for simplified commuting. 

Enjoy a successful trip to SightCity with the services of Go Fair ltd – your trusted travel advisor on the road.