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Country: UK
City: West Sussex
Industry: Pet animals, Livestock & Poultry

South Of England Show

The South of England Show – A Brief Introduction 

As the name advertises, The South of England Show is a county show aimed at the agriculture and horticulture sectors in South England, though the three-day event has definitely grown bigger than just that. The show occurs once a year at the start of June at The South of England Showground – a sprawling land in Ardingly, Sussex. In its half-a-century history, The South of England Show has maintained a high profile and this is reflected in the audience statistics. Organisers report that on average, editions attract more than 65,000 visitors from all over the country. 

An Industry Profile 

Guildford, Maidstone, London, Crawley and Brighton are some of the many towns and cities that have audience representation during the show. The South of England Show has a broad appeal to families with children in particular due to the excellent children’s support program. Other program highlights include the Horticulture Competition, Young Artisan of the Year and Women’s Institute Competition. In terms of products and interests, The South of England Show doesn’t stay in just one lane. You are just as likely to find musical instruments, flowers and local crafts just as much you are to see cattle and livestock animals. 

Go Fair Takes You There 

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