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Upcoming Dates

10.01.2022 - 13.01.2022
Country: UAE
City: Sharjah
Industry: Metal Working Industries


STEELFAB introduces attendees to the latest technological improvements, innovations and breakthroughs in the metalworking industry. The international trade fair has invited over 300 top exhibitors from around the world to unveil their latest products and give many live demonstrations as well. Become one of the over 9000 trade visitors looking for hotels near STEELFAB and hire Go Fair ltd to handle your online hotel reservation. 

Go Fair ltd allows you to find the most suitable hotels close to Expo Centre Sharjah, so your commuting is efficient and effortless. We also work towards positioning you close to vital transport links so you get by fast. Working with travelling professionals has taught us how to tailor a service according to your needs. In the end, you check in a hotel room that spares your travel expenses, locates you strategically close to the fairgrounds and links you to local public transportation. All benefits to making your business stay successful. 

As you can see, finding the right hotels for STEELFAB is simple when you have Go Fair in charge.