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Upcoming Dates

12.03.2022 - 20.03.2022
Country: Netherlands
City: Maastricht
Industry: Art and Antiques


COVID-19 won’t stop art as TEFAF Maastricht 2021 goes full steam ahead. The international art fair is confirmed to premier online on September 9th Early Access Day and continue up until September 13th. 

TEFAF is an international fine art fair that enjoys spotless reputation and is viewed as the seminal event for the art world at large with the most prestigious galleries and dealers, over 200 in total, gathering to purchase exquisite items of beauty and forge partnerships. Have you made your booking for TEFAF? If not, Go Fair ltd takes charge of your accommodation and helps you find the perfect fit.

It takes time and energy to locate the most suitable hotels for TEFAF and we spare you of all that thanks to our extensive database of hotels, apartment buildings and residences. You can stay in guesthouses in a quiet corner or rub shoulders with the luminaries in the field with rooms in hotels close to MECC Maastricht. In one day, you get a list with offers that meet your expectations and spare your travel budget.

Leave the online bookings for Go Fair ltd and focus on growing your network at TEFAF and close the biggest deals for the year.