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Upcoming Dates

09.07.2021 - 11.07.2021
Country: UK
City: Maidstone
Industry: Pet animals, Livestock & Poultry

The Kent County Show

The Kent County Show – A Brief Introduction

Established early into the 20th century, The Kent County Show is a defining feature of the farming and agricultural industries in rural Kent. The county show aims to support local economy, boost local manufacturers’ visibility and continue the practical education of the next generation of young farmers. The show takes up a large showground at the village of Detling and arrives in the summer to much excitement. On average, there are over 400 exhibitors that showcase their products and more than 100,000 visitors line up for the three-day show.

An Industry Profile

The Kent County Show maintains a wide profile when it comes to the goods available for purchase – equipment, skilled labor, artisanal goods, woodland sculpture, artwork, photographs, fruits and vegetables, honey, rural crafts, antiques, flowers, gardening supplies, combine harvesters, tractors and other agricultural machinery. It’s this diversity in product arrangement that makes it hard to break down the audience in terms of groups. More often than not these are families with children, who are looking for a nice time out, but also breeders, shepherds and farmers. The Kent County Show also regularly hosts classes and competitions for young farmers.

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