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LBF – A Brief Introduction

Authors, illustrators, agents and players in the media business make it a point to mark whenever the London Book Fair comes around. This international book fair reaches as far back as the early 70s and has left its mark as the prime procurement platform for books and their rights. The action takes place in London, UK every single year during March, which opens you for a bigger profit margin right from the start of the fiscal year. Each edition amasses an incredible turnout. You’re one among 1700 other international exhibitors, who are courting the attention of more than 25,000 trade visitors from all over the world.

An Industry Profile

At the heart of LBF are, of course, books and everything related to them, which significantly opens the product portfolio as the range of products spans blockbuster novels, academic texts, children’s books, graphic novels, audio books and even mobile applications and games, the latter of which are clearly new editions. A secondary product category of an even greater value, however, are the rights for the distribution of content and adaptation across films, digital media, audio and television shows. This is where the biggest deals are closed and the interactions with buyers you’ll hope to have. We also don’t want to neglect mention of the extraordinary support program with items like The Writers’ Summit @ LBF and Insights Seminars Programme.

Go Fair Takes You There

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