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Upcoming Dates

22.10.2021 - 24.10.2021
Country: Germany
City: Munich
Industry: Stone, Marble & Ceramics

The Munich Show - Mineralientage

The minerals and gemstones industry will be pleased to learn that the 2021 edition of The Munich Show – Mineralientage will run from October 22nd to October 24th. Messe München in Munich, Germany will be playing host to the live event. Organisers have promised that COVID-19 prevention protocols are a given. 

A Brief Introduction

The Munich Show - Mineralientage returns to Munich, Germany, stronger and bigger than you’ve ever seen it. The international trade show that is dedicated to everything from gems and minerals to jewellery and fossils promises an exciting time with more than 1200 exhibitors from the four corners of the world. The event is scheduled every single year in autumn and enjoys high turnout as the audience maintains 40,000 visitors in total. Doors are open to professionals as well as members of the general public, which not only is good for business but raises your profile.

An Industry Profile

The Munich Show - Mineralientage serves corporate priorities first and exists as a fine procurement platform for a wide assortment of products – minerals, rough stones, shells, stones, coral, crystals, fossils, gems, handy crafts, unique jewellery and more. It’s here you can meet with serious buyers from the fashion and jewellery industry that are looking for new materials to work with. Given the breadth and diversity of products, The Munich Show - Mineralientage hosts several themed shows that are more aimed towards the education of the general public. We have in mind The Treasures of the Wittelsbach, a historical special, and The Stone That Fell from the Sky, a display on the meteorite from Mauerkirchen.

Go Fair Takes You There

Go Fair ltd offers bespoke bookings for international trade shows and we have a database of hotels in Munich that cater to all price ranges and preferences in location. A personal travel assistant is on the line for questions and securing your stay for The Munich Show - Mineralientage in any part of the city. We understand the need to be close to Messe München and strive to place you as close as possible. In all other instances, we focus on access to public transport for a quicker commute! It’s our mission to make business travel affordable to small and middle-sized companies and always have a good deal at hand.