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Trade Shows in Automotive Industry, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Railway Industry

Event Date start Date end Location
IT-TRANS IT-TRANS 1 Dec 2020 3 Dec 2020 Germany , Karlsruhe View details
London Classic Car Show London Classic Car Show 18 Feb 2021 21 Feb 2021 UK , London View details
IMOT IMOT 19 Feb 2021 21 Feb 2021 Germany , Munich View details
AUTOMOBIL AUTOMOBIL 19 Feb 2021 21 Feb 2021 Germany , Freiburg View details
Manchester Bike Show 27 Mar 2021 28 Mar 2021 UK , Manchester View details
Automechanika Istanbul Automechanika Istanbul 8 Apr 2021 11 Apr 2021 Turkey , Istanbul View details
The Forecourt Show The Forecourt Show 12 Apr 2021 14 Apr 2021 UK , Birmingham View details
Tuning World Bodensee Tuning World Bodensee 13 May 2021 16 May 2021 Germany , Friedrichshafen View details
Retromobile Retromobile 2 Jun 2021 6 Jun 2021 France , Paris View details
Automechanika Dubai Automechanika Dubai 7 Jun 2021 9 Jun 2021 UAE , Dubai View details
Automotive Testing Expo Europe Automotive Testing Expo Europe 8 Jun 2021 10 Jun 2021 Germany , Stuttgart View details
Top Marques Monaco Top Marques Monaco 10 Jun 2021 13 Jun 2021 Monaco , Monte Carlo View details
KLASSIKWELT BODENSEE KLASSIKWELT BODENSEE 18 Jun 2021 20 Jun 2021 Germany , Friedrichshafen View details
RETRO CLASSICS RETRO CLASSICS 8 Jul 2021 11 Jul 2021 Germany , Stuttgart View details
War and Peace Revival War and Peace Revival 27 Jul 2021 31 Jul 2021 UK , Kent View details

Go Fair ltd has established itself as a trustworthy company that assists companies in discovering business trade shows as springboards to grow their business.

You’ll discover that every single industry generates a successful line-up of events from the billion dollar sectors in architecture, energy and food to the tightly specialized niches like textile manufacturing, home decorations and dental tools. Tour through our directory to locate the one true match for your brand.

Why should you visit exhibitions?

It’s a question we hear a lot when we do outreach to companies face to face. Often, we answer – ‘where do we begin?’

International trade shows are the gateway to your industry - all the information, the contacts and the business opportunities condense into one easily navigated space. Popular exhibitions draw in crowds in the hundreds of thousands. Such is the case with BAUMA, a trade fair for building and construction, which in 2016 registered 583,736 visitors from 170 countries. Break this audience down and you have journalists, senior management representatives, industry partners and large buyers.

Тhis brings us to the other point – trade shows generate income.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have exhibitors in the thousands for a single edition. AUTOMECHANIKA is a prime example with its 4,843 exhibitors from 76 countries for 2016. Manufacturers in the automotive industry display the latest generation of products, technologies and services to a receptive audience, and return home not only with direct orders, but valuable knowledge about their particular exhibition sectors.

Exhibitions are often the first platform new products and prototypes make their world debut.

You can do your research online, but nowhere else than a live event will you see all advancements all together in one place. Demonstrations are a big part of programming so that potential buyers can see products in action. A successful demonstration at the right venue does more to shift units than any marketing campaign. ELMIA WOOD, the forestry trade fair in Sweden, is famous for its 7 km forest trail and 131,000 sq.m. of demo area.

Participation in trade shows also gives you legitimacy.

Events like ANUGA, the trade fair for food and beverages, has been running since 1924 and has established a strong tradition in the industry on a world scale. Your presence marks your trustworthiness and certainly opens lucrative channels for business networking. 

Next step is to monitor upcoming trade shows, done easily through our directory at Go Fair ltd, select the event that supports best your brand and your mission and plan your business trip. Even more convenient for you, Go Fair ltd also is in the field of event travel. Rely on us for a booking for fairs that’s uniquely tailored to your goals and budget!