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Country: UK
City: Birmingham
Industry: Safety, Security, Risk Management, Defense, Fire Protection


Traffex concerns itself with how urban infrastructure meets the needs of the modern metropolis. Topics of congestion, traffic engineering and road safety are the main priority at this international exhibition. Leading exhibitors from all over the world are converging to share their vision, products and service. Thousands are projected to attend, so don’t wait for your hotel booking online. Go Fair ltd presents you all the right hotels for Traffex at preferential rates!

Why waste time, energy and effort into researching hotels close to Traffex , when Go Fair ltd has an extensive database with hotels that makes the process so easy. How we work? First, our operators need a few specifications – preferred location, choice in price category, how many are travelling with you. We use these to narrow down the best fits for an ultimate experience. Invest in your accommodation for Traffex and reap many benefits. You cut down on your commute and save on your travel costs. You get to meet and network even after the day’s events. 

With Go Fair ltd, Traffex becomes a surefire success!