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27.07.2021 - 31.07.2021
Country: UK
City: Kent
Industry: Automotive Industry, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Railway Industry

War and Peace Revival

The War and Peace Revival – A Brief Introduction 

There’s no other event dedicated to WWII and military conflicts from the 20th century quite like The War and Peace Revival. Sprawling over the vast showgrounds of Hop Farm in Paddock Wood, Kent, the military show recreates not just the military aspect of the early 20th century but domestic life, style, culture and entertainment. It’s been a rousing success every single edition with the show now featuring over 4000 military and vintage vehicles on its grounds. This has definitely translated into a huge turnover. Over 100,000 visitors give or take make the trip every single year in July. 

An Industry Profile 

The War and Peace Revival appeals to history enthusiasts who are attracted not just to the demos and stationary exhibits of personnel carriers, armoured cars, amphibious vehicles and cars, but also the military artifacts. The trade area is filled with militaria, antiquities, vehicle parts, books, memorabilia, clothing, uniforms and top class models for collectors. It’s the perfect place to reach niche audience with the budget and the interest to buy. The audience also features families with children who are drawn to the festival aspects of The War and Peace Revival. 

Go Fair Takes You There 

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