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Upcoming Dates

26.10.2021 - 28.10.2021
Country: Germany
City: Munich
Industry: Aerospace, Airport Technology


AIRTEC 2020 is the go-to international aerospace supply fair where the current issues of the day are being discussed, while the most innovative companies present the latest technological improvements and breakthroughs in the field. Staged in Munich, Germany, the event attracts solid attendance that numbers in the thousands with many competing for the best hotels in Munich. Choose Go Fair ltd to plan your business trip and secure your hotel accommodation before anyone else.

Years in the business have taught Go Fair ltd how to properly service a businessman on the road and provides you with hotels for AIRTEC 2020 that meet all your needs. All you have to give us is a price range and your preferences. You gain a reservation that saves you money on your budget, connects you to local public transport and positions you as close to the AIRTEC 2020 exhibition centre as you want. Whether you want a more of a hands-on approach in a big hotel near the fair or seek to balance your visit by staying in a guesthouse in a quiet part of the city, the choice is yours.