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28.02.2023 - 02.03.2023
Country: Germany
City: Köln
Industry: Consumer Goods

Asia-Pacific Sourcing

Want to import Asian consumer goods to Europe? Want to open trade channels to suppliers and manufacturers of good from Asia? Asia-Pacific Sourcing suits both groups perfectly. It’s a small-scale event that allows you to network in earnest with 650 exhibitors and 6600 trade visitors. March is right around the corner and it’s crucial to book hotels for Asia-Pacific Sourcing now. Go Fair lends you a hand through this process.

Settling on a hotel booking online can take you weeks and you should be focusing on running a business. Go Fair ltd complete takes over this task and using your budget, curates a list of all hotels close to Asia-Pacific Sourcing that cut down on your travel expenses. We take only a business day to do all this, saving you time and nerves. What can you expect to see in terms of products at Asia-Pacific Sourcing? Everything. Exhibitors bring in the latest models in major home appliances, electrical small appliances, sanitary equipment, equipment for wellness, tools, locks and fittings and do-it-yourself materials.