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15.03.2022 - 17.03.2022
Country: Germany
City: Nurnberg
Industry: Electronics, Real Time & Embedded Systems

Embedded World

It’s all systems go for the 2021 edition of Embedded World, which is going fully online with Embedded World Digital. The entire world of embedded systems, from the Internet of Things to energy efficiency to electronic services and expertise, will be available at your fingertips.  The next face to face edition is planned for 15-17 March 2022.

A Brief Introduction

Embedded systems are becoming ever more present in all aspects of life and thanks to the rapid evolution of electronic systems in general, there’s a need to keep up with all development and tech applications. That’s where Embedded World enters the picture. Open to professionals only, the international trade fair champions innovation and boosts the visibility of over 1000 exhibitors. The event follows an annual format, which is excellent for keeping up with industry trends and is set to attract over 32,000 trade visitors for its upcoming edition that span all of Europe and growing numbers of Asian countries.

An Industry Profile

It’s because embedded systems are everywhere, Embedded World sees participation from a variety of different industries like the information technology and telecommunications, military and aerospace technology, automotive, and industrial and consumer electronics sectors. In terms of products, you have access to an expansive product portfolio that includes logic analyzers, measuring devices, memory chips, signal processors, simulators, software libraries, system integration, computer modules, debugger, displays, drivers, electro-mechanical components, evaluation boards, firmware and many others. The trade fair is heavily invested in fostering new technological breakthroughs, which can be seen in the popular embedded AWARD given to the most innovative companies and university AWARD!

Go Fair Takes You There

We have a team of specialists who are masters in online hotel reservations for trade fairs. You only need to specify your budget and desired location – we handle the rest. In a single day, you receive a customized list with offers for hotels for Embedded World. Business travel becomes easy to plan once you have a personal travel assistant to take into consideration all your worries. You get a response almost immediately. Once we have optimized your spending, we also help you learn the best routes from your hotel to the exhibition centre, using public transport!