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Upcoming Dates

09.11.2021 - 12.11.2021
Country: Germany
City: Munich
Industry: Aerospace, Airport Technology

inter airport Europe

Inter Airport Europe will be zooming down the runway to recovery as planned on November 9th to November 12th, 2021. Messe München in Munich, Germany will be playing host to this biannual trade fair. Organisers have promised that rigorous sanitation measures and a strict social distancing policy will be observed.

A Brief Introduction

inter airport Europe is the perfect international exhibition for those interest in the newest trends in airport equipment complete with presentations and demonstrations by over 650 exhibitors from the four corners of the world. Enjoy the latest technological advancements in the industry as presented once every two years in Munich, Germany. Audience participation has steadily been on the increase with the last edition drawing in almost 14,000 professionals to Messe München. This number is only projected to grow larger with the upcoming edition. inter airport Europe gives you the opportunity to have a front-row seat for cutting-edge applications and news!

An Industry Profile

Buyers, retailers, consultants, developers and architects of the entire airport environment make a point to never miss inter airport Europe, because it has become the continent’s definitive marketplace on the continent and a portal to new markets abroad. You won’t find a more in-depth product overview with displays and demonstrations of air traffic control, aircraft de-icing, aircraft maintenance, airport management, PCA systems, power supply, safety equipment, sound systems, sun protection, baggage handling systems, cabling, fuel technology, furniture, hangars. The list is nearly endless. It’s this breadth and interconnectivity of product categories that make it possible to achieve lucrative cross-sales and grow your client list on the highest level.

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