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Country: Germany
City: Leipzig
Industry: Environmental Protection, Recycling, Water and Waste Management


TERRATEC presents a full picture of the dynamic world of environmental technologies and recycling practices as companies strive to strike equilibrium with the state of the world in this day and age. The international trade fair has found a home in Leipzig, Germany. Activities continue for three days and as always, thousands are expected to attend. Make the smart move and get your bookings for TERRATEC right now from Go Fair ltd.

Go Fair ltd enables you to plan your participation in the program without worrying for your accommodation. We’ve spent years in the business travel sector and are masters of the online hotel reservation for trade fairs. Whether you want hotels close to TERRATEC or quiet properties in the city’s outskirts, Go Fair ltd tailors your travel arrangements to your specific needs and meets your every standard. Want to know what to expect at TERRATEC? In addition to the exhibition portion, there’s a professional program that aims to disseminate the most recent industry knowledge regarding waste disposal and recycling, waste processing and treatment, disposal technology, waster preventing and sustainable use of resources.