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01.11.2021 - 04.11.2021
Country: Portugal
City: Lisbon
Industry: Telecommunications, Computers Networks, Internet & Intranet

Web Summit

Web Summit – A Brief Introduction 

In the digital and software tech industry, Web Summit is the one event that no startup misses and it has to do with the high potential to meet with investors and high-ranking speakers. The annual conference takes place in Lisbon, Portugal at the ultra-modern Feira Internacional de Lisboa and is a big hit with every edition. In 2019, Web Summit saw well above 70,000 professionals from a total of 163 countries in total. These include 1200 investors, 8500 developers, 2500 startups and more than 1200 international speakers. That’s reason alone to buy yourself a ticket! 

An Industry Profile 

It’s not a tech conference without the topics of the day revolving around venture capitalism and the latest in emerging technologies. Web Summit goes beyond in the search for new cutting-edge tech companies through its PITCH stage meant for startups and investor meetings, which feature VCs, LPs, angel investors and major international funds. Developers also come from every skill level and background with a total of 178 languages represented, most common of which are Java, Javascript, Python, C/C++/C#, and Ruby. In addition to the PITCH stage, programming holds the so-called Mentor Hours and a spectacular lecture program with names like Sarah Friar, Brad Smith, Drew Houston and Roberto Azevêdo. 

Go Fair Takes You There 

It’s time to automate the way you plan your business trips and that’s where Go Fair ltd comes in. What we do is assign you a personal travel assistant who does the research for hotels in Lisbon for you and creates a list with the best hotels for Web Summit. Your assistant is there to answer any questions and make amends for your online hotel booking. Finding the best location is crucial and we always strive to book rooms close to Feira Internacional de Lisboa. Go Fair ltd has worked with single travelers as well as groups of more than twenty travelers.